Zebrano Superstrat

The last Superstrat I made sold a while ago and, as there had been so much interest in it, I decided that I should make another one as part of my preparaion for the Dublin Music Show,

So this one has a lightweight alder body with 4mm of bookmatched, quartersawn zebrano on the top which has been bent over the upper arm contour. I have to tell you that zebrano is not a wood that likes to be bent so it took some persuasion to get it to do that. Looks good though so worth the effort. The neck is a laminate of quartersawn rock maple with two stringers of quartersawn sapele - simple and elegant - and is fitted with a two way trussrod.The suitably pointy headstock is scarf jointed onto the neck shaft and is faced with more quartersawn zebrano.  The neck is glued in to the body with my heel less design so access to the dusty end of the 24th fret birdseye maple fingerboard is effortless. Frets are Dunlop 6110 which are more usually found on Fender basses but the size and profile is ideal for sustain and easy string bending. Pickups are Kent Armstrong with a 'hot' Rocker humbucker at the bridge and two STH1 single coils. The middle single coil is reverse wound so as to be humbucking when used in combination with either of the other pickups. The STH1 pickups have a higher output than a regular strat replacement pickup. There are master volume and master tone controls with a 5 way slider for pickup selection. The volume control can be pulled up to change the internal wiring from series to parallel which mimics a single coil but is still humbucking. The tuners and Floyd Rose trem are from Schaller and the control plates are zebrano. I chose to use a satin lacquer on this guitar as it suited the 'woody' look of the zebrano.

So how does this combination work? Well with a lightweight body, slim neck with flat profile, wide frets and a low action it is fast and easy to play. The hot pickups deliver the sort of sounds you might expect with quick response and good sustain. It is surprisingly versatile but I would not recommend it for jazz! And it looks the part.

Contact me if you have any questions about it and I'll try to answer.