The Syra Baritone guitar NOW SOLD

The Syra Baritone Guitar NOW SOLD

This is the first example of the Syra body shape being used on a guitar rather than a bass. For some time I have been wanting to see how this would work and I got the opportunity to build a guitar for the Stocklist so I chose to make a Syra Baritone guitar. Why a baritone? Because I really like the sound that baritones produce and the way they make you change your playing style - lots of sustain, with very, very resonant and rich sound. Things you regularly play suddenly have a new life. The scale length is only slightly longer than a regular guitar (less than 2") with heavier strings to allow the tuning to go down to B below the regular E.

This example has a body made from quartersawn utile (an African mahogany) with a bolt-on neck from a board of 100 year old birdseye maple. The fingerboard is Indian rosewood and the hardware Schaller. Two Kent Armstrong humbuckers are wired through a 5 way rotary pickup selector which giving 5 different voices, all humbucking, that make the guitar tonally very versatile. There is also a  master volume and master tone.

I think the transition from bass to guitar works really well in terms of the look, playability and blance. It also sounds wonderful - everybody should try a baritone. Be warned though, they are addictive!