Syra 4, 3 pickup, passive bass.

Normally my basses are fitted with active circuitry to increase to tonal range of the instrument. When I built the first Syra 3 pickup bass it also had an active circuit. But I realised when testing it that the tonal range of the three specially wound pickups, the way they are positioned and the 5 way pickup selector combine together so well without the active EQ that this would also work as a passive instrument. So this is it.

The neck pickup is custom wound as a deep reggae style humbucker, the middle pickup is would as a P Bass and is placed in the P bass position and the bridge pickup is wound as a guitar P90 single coil and is placed close to the J Bass position. The 5 way slide switch allows pickup selection in the same way as a Strat so you can have each pickup on alone or in combination with it's neighbour giving 5 separate and different voices. There are master volume and master tone controls. It is very, very versatile. Can handle any gig.

The body is poplar with a bolt-on maple neck with a figured maple fingerboard and Dunlop 6100 bass frets. Finish is silk AC lacquer with a pink tint to the body. The bridge and tuners are Schaller. Comes complete with flitecase.

By not including an active circuit the cost can be kept down so here is a pro quality instrument at a reasonable price.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this bass and I will try to answer them.