ASAD 5B Acoustic Bass

ASAD 5B Acoustic Bass Guitar

This ASAP 5B Acoustic Bass guitar was made as a sample for the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, November 2015, at which I was invited to exhibit. It is a Leonardo instrument - there are no tropical hardwoods used in it's construction. The top is Canadian spruce, the back and sides Irish walnut (showing the contrast between the heartwood and sapwood) with a maple neck. The wood for the fingerboard is laburnum which is strange in that it is yellow when planed but then turns a rich chocolate brown when exposed to light. When this pic was taken it was darkening! The bodies of Low B acoustic bass guitars are too small to produce a great low B sound (even double basses have trouble doing this) but thanks to the RMC pickups in the individually adjustable saddles the amplified sound is perfect. The bridge is also made from Irish walnut with heartwood and sapwood. Strings on this one are special, custom made, low tension bronze wound by Newtone Strings. It plays as good as it looks and is available to buy now. Please contact me if I can tell you more.