Workshop Videos

A short impromtu video tour of the workshop made by my friend Kenny Wittman. The sound on the original was pretty low but maybe Kenny has fixed it by now. You can find out more about Kenny here.


One of my customers, Freddy Samsonstuen, playing his 9 string bass!

The late and great Dave Ball Playing his ASAS Semi. Much missed.

Zander Zon using his 5 string acoustic piccolo bass (and an electric cello and a solid body bass!) for the first time on video.

Dom O Driscoll sings along with his all mahogany ASAPCAW.

Ian 'Tank' Boylan and his 5 string Syra Pro play with a loop pedal.

Geert Annys (my younger twin) plays about with Parisienne Walkways for about 8 minutes! The boy can play his Bedivere.


Chuchi on his Larkin Jumbo and Blanca on fiddle play some soulful music against an amazing background.

Ger Lamon plays a piece he composed called "An Ancient Art" on his shortscale ASAPCAW.

A video interview with me by the German Gitarre and Bass magazine at the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, November 2015.

Zander Zon and Josh Cohen duet. Zander is playing the acoustic piccolo bass I made for him.

Tim Van Roy plays one of his own compositions, Rain City, on the first guitar I made for him.

Geert gave great demo performances on my guitars at the Holy Grail Guitar Show. Here they are in the order he played them. Be prepared to be amazed!

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And here are three slideshows of me making GP's ASAPCAW acoustic. Music by Tim van Roy.