TimVan Roy

TimVan Roy, Belgium
Electric guitars

The superstrat you built for me is still going strong, and has already been extensively used for both studio sessions and live work. In the studio I usually bring a dozen guitars, but at the end of the day usually no one is bothered to even listen to the others. "Take the brown one", is what I usually hear. And for live work, the guitar has been around: Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Swiss, Greece, Kroatia and Turkey (and of course Ireland, but without me). The Black Magic Women is also one of my favourites, although I don't play it as often as the superstrat (due to the Floyd Rose trem and the dominating "rock" sound). But every time I plug it in, it completely blows away every reference to Gibson, Ibanez or any other brand that claims to build the ultimate rock machine. I love these guitars dearly, and I recently came close to even buying a third Larkin guitar. But instead of buying one second-hand, I think I just might order another one straight from your shop.