The Blen range

Please note that currently I am not building any more Blens. This may change in the future. This section, for the moment, is just for information and as a historical record. There are quite a few of them out there in use.

Hand made 4, 5, and 6 string EUBs built with all the essential dimensions mirroring those of a 3/4 double bass to make crossover from acoustic to electric as painless as possible. Now also available in 1/2 scale model - the MiniBlen - and MicroBlen (35" scale for seated playing) see pictures below.

Hollow slimline body constructed with a mahogany back topped with an arched overlay of walnut, maple, cherry or other similar wood to choice.

Adjustable body rest to mimic upper bout.

Multilaminate neck of rock maple and contrasting timbers, with heel, glued to body. Ebony fingerboard of more than 2 octaves.

Slotted headstock with Schaller open machines.

Custom made maple/cedar bridge with Highlander pickup.

EBS 2 band active EQ (with mid range filter for "growl") giving wide tonal range from conventional to outrageous or Aguilar 3 band EQ with switchable mid frequencies.

Natural silk finish.

Stand and fitted gigbag.

Hand made to order, so choices include:
  • scale length
  • neck joint at C# or D
  • fingerboard/neck dimensions
  • choice of overlay wood
  • body colour
  • body with binding
  • your idea for the soundhole (if practical) or standard bass clef design
  • gloss finish
  • magnetic pickup with blend control
  • fingerboard markings
  • frets (honestly! - see SuperBlen below)
  • anything else that might help suit the player