Lúg 12 and 6 string semi-solid guitars

The Lug Guitars.

Originally conceived as a 12 string electric guitar ("I want the sound of 'A Hard Day's Night ' but with room for my fingers." - Juan Millan) the Lug has also taken off in it's 6 string version.

The bound, double cutaway body is mostly hollowed out which makes for a light weight, resonant instrument with a 'woody' edge to the sound. A neck of maple with a scarf jointed headstock is glued into the body.

The 12 string model has a 630mm (24.75") scale which makes for low tension and easy playability with a nut width of 47mm (room for the fingers!). The ABM bridge has individual string adjustment so it actually plays in tune too. Wide spectrum handmade Kent Armstrong pickups with individual volume and tone controls take care of the shimmering sound.

The 6 string can have either 630 or 648mm scale length (24.75" or 25.5") to choice and all the hardware and pickup options that the ASAD range offers. I'm not sure I'd recommend a trem but it would probably work!

Versatile is the word. The semi-solid construction lends itself to all types of music from dark jazz to resonant feedback driven rock. A guitar for the player who wants something a little different. And as it is hand made to order there is plenty of room to customise it to exactly suit the way you play.

The name Lug comes from an Early Irish hero Lug Lámfhota who, in Celtic mythology, had a rather interesting and exciting life that involved quite a lot of bloodshed!

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