Electric Guitars

There are two ranges of 'standard' electric guitars, the ASAD range which are solid bodies and the Lúg range which are semi solid. Since these are instruments which are hand made to order there is an almost unlimited choice of options to customise any of them to suit the needs of the player.

There are also true custom and 'one off' models some of which can be seen in the Custom Instruments category and in the Instrument's Gallery.

Lúg 12 and 6 string semi-solid guitars

The Lug Guitars. Originally conceived as a 12 string electric guitar ("I want the sound of 'A Hard Day's Night ' but with room for my fingers." - Juan Millan) the Lug has also taken off in it's 6 string version. The bound, double cutaway body is mostly hollowed out…

The ASAD range

The ASAD Range The first ASAD guitars (Reacters at the time) were built around 1983. The idea was to make a stylish, versatile, compact, solid bodied, fixed neck guitar that could handle any gig. Over the years nothing much has changed from that original brief but the instruments have evolved…