The Syra Basses

The Syra Range of Basses
The newest additions to the bass family.

After finally building headless basses I had to gave in to the customers who told me that they preferred a bolt-on neck design

The Syra Range comes in two versions, the bolt on neck Syra 4,5 or 6 string and through neck Syra Pro 4, 5 and 6 string. Both share a common body shape and dimensions but vary considerably in their specifications.

The Syra bolt-on range models have one or two piece bodies of quality tonewoods and necks of maple laminates reinforced with carbon fibre. The 5 bolt neck joint is designed to allow excellent access to the 24 frets. The two pickup models usually have a bridge humbucker and a middle single coil. The humbucker has a three way mini-switch that configures the coils in series, parallel or single coil modes for sound variation. The three pickups models have three single coils widely spaced (neck at the 24th fret, middle at the PBass spot and bridge at the rear JBass  position to give maximum tonal range) each wound to suit where they live. Electronics can be two or three band EQs or passive.  Schaller hardware would be the norm but the customer can chose whatever spec they want as each instrument is hand made to order.

Finish is silk AC lacquer on neck and body. A great package those who like the bolt-on neck.

The Syra Pro models have the multi-laminate through neck similar to that used on the SC range. There are carbon fibre rods incorporated which allow for a slim profile and great access to the higher frets when combined with the heel carving. The body is faced with a fine bookmatched tonewood and the fingerboard is rosewood as standard for fretted versions, ebony for fretless. Pickups normally are Larkin/Armstrong humbuckers fitted with the three way switch that gives the same coil combinations as the Syra bolt-on humbucker. The John East U-Retro Deluxe preamp is probably the best available with studio quality components and sound to match. This is a fully loaded luxury bass that performs as well as it looks.

Like the Syra bolt-on the Syra Pro models are hand made so can be customised to order. Can't find a spec you like? Well devise your own. In the Gallery below there is a left handed Syra 4 with glued neck an overlay of Irish walnut, a quartersawn mahogany body and a built in Wittman tuner! Anything is possible!

And the name? Well I like it's fine shape, I know I could live with it, so it is called after my lovely wife.

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