The Reacter S range

The REACTER S range of electric bass guitars.

The first REACTER S basses (just called Reacters at the time) were built around 1983 as the bass version of the ASAD guitar range with the same concepts. The idea was to make stylish, versatile, compact, solid bodied, fixed neck basses that could handle any gig. Over the years nothing much has changed from that original brief but the instruments have evolved and many options have come about usually because of customer requests. Here's an overview.

Hand made 4, 5, 6, and 7 string basses, fretted or fretless, right or left handed, featuring:

Three body styles -

* contour body
* slab body with binding
* Custom carved archtop

Hardwood body core with wide choice of bookmatched exotic overlays.

Fixed rock maple/mahogany laminated neck with veneer detail and carbon fibre reinforcement.

Rosewood (fretted) or ebony (fretless) fingerboard.

Schaller/Gotoh /ABM hardware -

Custom wound Kent Armstrong humbucking pickups.

Rotary pickup switch or pickup blend balance pot giving very wide voicing.

Passive electrics or range of active EQs from the EBS Pre 2 band to the John East U-Retro Delux.

Active/passive switching and passive tone control if required.

Individually hand made (by me!) to order, so choices include -

* fret type
* fingerboard radius
* neck profile
* finish
* scale length (34", 35"- or custom)
* colour
* side or cross marking on fretless
* left handed
* Wittman on-board tuner.
* many other options to make each guitar suit the customer - including piezo bridges - just ask about the possibilities.

If you can think of a way to make a Reacter S bass suit the way you play then it can probably be done!

When I was putting together the Gallery below I realised how few 4 strings I had made in the last ten years (since I got digital photography). There was a period of about 5 years where the only orders I got were for 5, 6 or 7 string basses. In the past I made lots of 4 strings but I don't have the images in digital form. Also, in recent years the orders have been mostly for uncoloured wood whereas in the past most basses were tinted or sunburst. I can still do colours!

If you move your mouse up the sides of the Gallery pictures there are buttons that will move you from image to image.

Naming. A 4 string was known as the 4B,  a 5 strings as the 5B. 6 strings were Bassix and 7 strings Basseven.