Singlecut Basses

After almost 25 years I have a new bass range! The idea for singlecut basses came from Joe Gershberg of Joey G Guitars. I had never liked the idea of headless basses for a number of reasons and seldom made through neck instruments either. But these have both and work really well. So why go to a Singlecut? The extended top bout of the body stiffens the neck and the whole bass then has a different resonance which seems to 'tighten' the sound. The carving at the back of the neck extends access to all the frets effortlessly and it feels as if the depth gets slimmer as you approach the body - very strange! The design makes for low weight and perfect balance when strapped up so this is a conforatble bass to wear for long periods.

The through necks are made from quartersawn maple with laminates of other hardwoods for stability and looks. Additional support is provided by the trussrod and carbon fibre bars under the fingerboard. Body wings are of suitable hardwood chosen by the customer and overlaid with a visually stunning timber - sometimes the back is also overlaid with the same timber. Scale can be 34", 35" or 36" . For all stringed instruments the longer the scale the more tension on the strings for a given tone which 'tightens' the low notes. One customer with a 36" SC6 tunes to Low G at times!

There is the full choice of pickups and active electronics. First choice of pickups are often the custom made Kent ArmstrongsĀ  but the customer can chose whatever they like. For active EQ my favourites range from the EBS PRE two band, through the Aguilar OBP-3 3 band to the John East U-Retro DeLuxe but I have fitted many other types to the customer's choice. Many players chose to have the RMC piezo saddles especially for the fretless versions and MIDI is not unknown. Modern MIDI can track even the lowest notes accurately (unless you play like Steve Vai!). As with all my instruments the Singlecut basses are hand made to order so anything is possible. You can get some idea from the Gallery below.

So how does they perform? Deep, rich magnetic tones with clarity and sustained notes. They feel very compact (because they are!) and are so easy to play. I love them.

Oh yes. They don't have to be headless. if you prefer a headstock you can have one.

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