custom instruments pics

Everything I make is really a custom instrument as all are handmade to order. But here is a selection of some of the more unusual ones.

ASADDB semi solid bass.

Jack's carved top solid body.

7 string ASAS jazzer with piezo.

5 string Vee bass.

JMZ custom carved top.

Black parlour.

Twin neck bouzouki/mandolin solid.

9 string bass with MIDI.

Bart custom.

Acoustic 5 string piccolo bass.

Odello upright.

Geert solid body.

Green Syra 4.

Armstrong solid body.

Irish wood special.

Razerbird bass.

ASAP Bouzouki.

Geert Bedimir.

12 string Lug.

7 strins ASAS Semi with piezo.

4 string Vee bass.

ASAP solid steel string.


Blue pointy thing!

7 string ASAD carved top with piezo.

Eric's Travel Bass with built-in octave divider.

If you have any questions about any of the above or if you have some ideas for a custom build of your own please get in touch.