ASAS & ASAST Jazz guitars & the ASAS Semi

The luxurious ASAS archtop range has both full acoustic jazzers and a semi acoustic model.

The ASAS and ASAST archtop jazz guitars.

I make my archtop guitars as acoustic guitars first and then add the floating pickup. This makes them louder, lighter and more responsive that the normal 'two humbuckers on the top' archtops. This system is more prone to feedback so, if required, a soundpost can be fitted in the bridge area that has little effect on the acoustic sound (linking the top and back in phase can be beneficial) but does reduce feedback.

All models share many features including deep, handcarved, tap tuned, arched tops and backs, multi-laminate rock/flamed maple necks, fully bound bodies and necks.

The finest spruce and maple are used for the construction with all detail work (bindings, headstock, scratchplate etc) made from contrasting woods.

The ASAS model has a smaller (15") body and 630mm scale. This gives a smaller acoustic footprint but is more feedback resistant at performing volumes and is a very comfortable size to play. Amplified the sound is full and rich.

The ASAST is a traditional 17" wide, 649mm scale jazzer with all that you expect from such an instrument including full range balanced sound.

Pickups are specially wound Kent Armstrong humbuckers, fingerboard mounted, giving clarity and tone.

Tails can be wooden or metal to choice. All hardware (Schaller/ABM) is gold plated.

Mention here should be made of the Archtop Tenor Guitar which has a full size ASAST body with a 4 string neck tuned to GDAE. Great for chords, vamping or, best of all, play tenor banjo parts but sound better!

The ASAS Semi archtop semi acoustic guitar.

Most semi acoustic guitars (including well known expensive ones) have plywood tops that are pressed into an arch shape. I build the ASAS Semi in the same way as the ASAS and ASAST jazzers - the top and back are hand carved and graduated from the same quality tonewoods but it has a narrow spine of quartersawn cedar sandwiched between them. This is a more feedback resistant design which, although not giving the complete archtop sound, makes the guitar able to handle jazz very well - it has a 'woody' tone. Turn it up however and the Jekyll and Hyde character emerges as it can rock and roll with the best of them and howl with controllable resonant feed back. Probably the most versatile guitar I make. The ASAS Semi shares the top size with the ASAS (15") but has a thinner body depth.  Usually a tunamatic bridge and stop tail are fitted but the wooden tail is an option.

Two gold covered Schaller G50 pickups are top mounted and pickup selection is by a five way rotary switch giving a very wide tonal range A very upmarket semi.

The standard high gloss finish is blonde for all ASAS models with the option of traditional or outlandish sunbursts.

Fitted hardcase included.

Each ASAS model is hand made to order, so choices include:

* fret type
* fingerboard radius
* fingerboard width
* neck profile
* pickup choice and MIDI option (ASAS Semi)
* Engelmann, sitka spruce or yellow cedar tops
* back and sides from quilted or birdseye maple
* body depth
* left handed
* many other options to make each guitar suit the customer - just ask about the possibilities.

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