ASAP range

4 body types, in ascending order of size, ASAP Parlour, ASAP, ASAPJ, ASAP Jumbo with choice of cedar or sitka spruce tops and mahogany or walnut backs and sides with wood bindings in standard form. Many other wood options.

The little ASAP Parlour has a balanced and special sound and handles chording or fingerpicking equally well, the ASAP with it's small body is very versatile, the ASAPJ has a deeper body and is 'strummier' while the ASAP Jumbo gives the big sound.

Laminated maple and mahogany neck with veneer detail.

For the six string versions, a choice of two different top bracings. Fine and scalloped for an open, balanced sound. Reflective and scalloped for a more focussed projected sound.

The ASAP 12 string and ASAP B (acoustic bass guitar) share the Jumbo sized body with double X bracing.

The ASAP and ASAPJ are available as nylon string models with a choice of classical or lightened X bracing.

The Highlander pickup and preamp is the electro option. To my ears, the most natural, even, flat response of any pickup I have tried. I have also fitted RMC saddles when MIDI is required and the Fishman Rare Earth is a good soundhole pickup.

Gold hardware in by Schaller or Gotoh.

Rosewood fingerboard.

Silk finish as standard.

Hand made to order, so choices include -

  • fret type
  • fingerboard radius
  • fingerboard width
  • neck profile
  • gloss finish, natural or coloured
  • many body woods including Indian or Rio rosewoods, flamed, quilted or birdseye maple
  • Engelmann, european spruce or yellow cedar tops
  • left handed
  • cutaways
  • 12 fret joins
  • standard, short or long scales lengths
  • levels of decoration
  • many other options to make each guitar suit the customer - just ask about the possibilities.
I got a bit carried away when I started creating the Gallery below. I know there are rather a lot of pictures but they do give an idea of some of what is possible. That's my excuse for what is, essentially,  acoustic guitar porn!

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