Klaus-Peter's ASAD and ASAD 105


Klaus-Peter ordered this ASAD 2HB Custom in flamed maple finished in CLC Blue. The neck is a laminate of mahogany and flamed maple and the rosewood fingerboard has a single red star inlaid on the 12th fret as the only marker. The Schaller LoPro trem sits close to the body and is ideal if you find the standard unit gets in the way of your playing style. As with all standard ASAD models the fretwire is graduated, that is the first 15 frets are wide and the last 9 thinner. This means that there is more room for your pinkies when the frets get closer together. Also standard is the 5 way rotary selector for the pickups which offers 5 different humbucking coil combinations and a wide range of tones. K-P is a big man and he has ordered another ASAD but with the body size increased by 5 %. And here it is!


Body is 5% bigger than the standard ASAD and it looks good and not out of proportion. The spectacular spalted beech overlay is glued onto a 4mm laminate of ebony which is glued onto a back of Honduran mahogany. Strings run through the body and the pickups are a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom with two Kinman traditionals. Something else is the onboard Wittman tuner and this time I have fitted the leds into the side of the pickup surround.

"I'm very glad with my guitar. The neck feels wonderful and the design is beautiful. I love the ''natural look'' of the wood. The pickups are the right choice. The SD Custom Custom cuts very good through the mix and has a warm and powerful tone. If it's played alone it seems to be a little bit ''fatter'' than the SD Custom in my other guitar.The Kinmans make the guitar very versatile and they are really great pickups. It's like a Strat and a Les Paul in one instrument. I can not really say if the new guitar sounds better than the old. They do sound different, and that's what I want. So, all I can say is a very big ''THANK YOU'' for a real masterpiece of guitarmaking. I LOVE IT. Yesterday we had a rehearsal and it's really fantastic. It can sound very ''evil'' for heavy rock but also very bluesy but dirty for alternative crunchy sounds. It's really versatile and a fantastic combination with the Engl-Amp. I'm very glad with both of my guitars. It never loses the definition of the single strings and it never sounds muddy. The only problem for me now is to decide which guitar I will play in which song, but I will manage that ;-)."