Blue Maple Superstrat

Blueburst Figured Maple Superstrat.

I like making Superstrats. I don't have the inclination or the skills to play one the way it should be played but I like making them!

This one has a body core of swamp ash, which is a lightweight and resonant tonewood, topped with some beautiful figured maple. The neck is a laminate of flamed and hard maples with sapele and the fingerboard and headstock veneer is made from the same board as the body top. The figuring is emphasised by the subtle blueburst gloss finish. Hardware is Schaller throughout - a Lo Pro trem and back locking M6 tuners.

The pickups are Seymour Duncan, two humbuckers and a single coil, selected by a 5 way slider and giving all the rock option you would expect from a guitar of this nature. The lightweight body and slim neck with low action make this guitar very responsive whether you want  thick mid range distortion or squealing harmonics. It's a gas to play.

Lightweight, responsive, easy to play and pretty! What more could you want? One lucky man knows as the Light of His Life bought it for him as a special birthday present!