A Blast from the Past - a Razer!

This is a 1986 Razer guitar, a model that was discontinued a short while after this date. The highly sculpted top is padauk which has changed colour from the the original vivid red to a rich brown. Lovely Brazillian mahogany for the body and the neck (hard to find that quality any more) and an ebony fingerboard. The bridge is a Schaller 3D6 and the pickups are Schaller G50s. Originally this guitar had a Gibson style three position selector which has been replaced with a rotary type. The 22 fret neck is narrower and more 'chunky' than current fashion. The guitar is in remarkable condition considering it's age, plays really well and was sitting in the storeroom. Then, on it's 20th birthday, Fritz bought it and took it to Austria.