Syra 4 in pink!

Syra 4 in Pink.

So I'll start with what this Syra, along with all the others, doesn't have! It doesn't have flashy, expensive woods. It doesn't have an expensive active EQ system. It doesn't have a through neck or a glued in neck. What it does have and shares with it's more expensive siblings is high quality woods, a high build quality, a great sound and excellent playability. The body is lightweight and resonant poplar which is finished in a fetching pink silk lacquer . Attached to this is a bolt-on neck of hard maple with a maple fingerboard, carbon fibre reinforcements, a two way trussrod and Schaller M4 tuners. Pickups are 3 custom made Larkin/Armstrong which all look the same but are far from that. The neck pickup is wound as a deep reggae humbucker - lots of round bottom end. The middle pickup has the guts of a PBass pickup and is mounted in the PBass position and we all know how they sound. In the bridge position is a single coil pickup which is wound as a guitar P90! This one provides a lot of drive and midrangel. Then there is the 5 way slider switch that works in the same way as that on a strat. So each pickup can stand alone or, in the case of positions 2 and 4, blend the neck and middle or bridge and middle. The range of tones is such that a single volume and passive tone controls allow for great sounds. The whole idea of the Syra bass was to provide hand made quality and sound at a reasonable price. I think it succeeds.