Humphrey's Lightweight Headless Syra Bass

Humphrey's Lightweight Syra Headless Bass.

This a first. Another version of the versatile Syra bass. Humphrey wanted a lightweight bass as he was finding playing long gigs with a regular weight bass was giving him an aching back. So we decided a Syra bass would be a good start and then I started finding ways to loose the kilos! Headless means there is quite a bit of weight saving as regular tuners are heavier than the bridge tuners that are replacing them and you lose the weight of the headstock too. The body is made from quartersawn cedar with a spruce top. Lots of weight saving there compared to hardwoods. As with the normal Syra bass we use a bolt-on neck. For stability the neck is bolted to a center spine of poplar which is quite a low density hardwood and very stiff. A fingerboard of maple finished the wood details. There are two pickup systems, a deep, reggae style humbucker at the neck and GraphTech Acoustiphonic piezo elements in the ABM tuner bridges. These are mixable and supply lots of possible tones from almost acoustic bass to serious magnetic. The piezo pickups require a battery for the buffering circuit which is in the control compartment. So how did we do with the weight? We got the bass down to 3kgs (less than 7 lbs) and without the headstock the balance was neutral. The combination of timbers makes the bass very resonant. Why the groove in the top? Humphrey wanted to have somewhere he could anchor his thumb when playing. Humphrey and I were very happy with the result as it checked every box of the specification. And it shows how versatile the Syra bass is.