Geert's Quilted maple 5B

Geert's Quilted Maple 5B.

This bass was specified by Geert as part of a pair of quilted maple instruments, the other being a rather special through neck superstrat  which can be seen in the electric guitars section. This bass is for studio use only but the specification is still full-on. Rather fine quilted maple has a black cherry stain and faux binding with a poplar core and a glued in maple/walnut laminated neck. The 35 inch scale neck has carbon fibre re-inforcement as well as the two way acting trussrod. The rosewood fingerboard has Geert's, by now, signature inlays. Two Larkin/Armstrong humbuckers produce the magnetic sound and the bridge has RMC piezo saddles so there are two different sources which can be modified through the Aguilar three band active EQ. A three way switch allows for magnetic, piezo or combined outputs. There are two batteries, one each for the RMC and Aguilar pre-amps. Great range of sounds and very playable and also looks the part.