Fretless Syra 6 string bass

Syra Fretless 6 Bass

The first Syra 6 string bass. The customer wanted a body made from solid hard maple which made it very heavy and helped it to sustain for weeks! The neck is made from very old birdseye maple that I got from a man who had found it in a barn in the USA where he thought it had been stored for 100 years. Whatever the age it made a solid, stable neck with great character. Under the rosewood fingerboard is a two way acting trussrod and 4 pieces of carbon fibre for stiffness. Pickups are handmade Larkin/Armstrong, a humbucker and two single coils. They are each wired to their own volume controls and each has an on/off miniswitch. There is no tone control and no active circuitry. This was the customer's idea and I was dubious about how it would work out. He was right! The range of tones possible by selecting/blending the pickup was amazing from deep reggae to bright klang. Who needs batteries?

The customer also wanted the logo I use at the top of the website and on the T-shirts instead of my normal hand written signature. After some research I found a way of making transfers of the logo and scaled them to fit. It works quite well on a light background of the birdseyemaple headstock facing so now is an option along with the non-optional shamrock!