Fretless SC6

A fretless SC6 that the customer modified to suit his needs. Instead of two magnetics Claudio decided to have a single humbucker in the P Bass spot and RMC saddles in the custome made bridge. This combination gives a superb range of tones from the 'aireyness' that you get from the RMC to the depth that the humbucker offers. Each pickup has it's own volume control in the manner of the J Bass and also an Aguilar OBP-3 active 3 band EQ. The mini switch alters the mid range frequency between 400 and 800Hz.

Construction is a 35" scale through neck of maple and walnut that has carbon fibre inserts with wings of Irish walnut topped off with an overlay of Irish spalted beech. Looks wonderful, plays beautifully, sounds divine. The action is set low and growls wonderfully over the full range with excellent sustain. If I had time I'd like to learn to play fretless on this one!