Irish Yew 5B

Irish Yew 5B.

The yew tree, when you find it, can be very, very old. They are probably the oldest living things in Ireland. It is unusual to find Irish yew as wood and even more unusual to find it in useable sizes. I am lucky enough to have some. Typically the heartwood is orange with beautiful grain and contrasts with the creamy coloured sapwood. This 35" scale 5B uses this contrast effectively in the bookmatching of the top. The core is figured mahogany, the glued in neck maple and mahogany. There are carbon fibre reinforcement rods under the figured Tasmanian blackwood fingerboard. Lots of great wood. The humbucking pickups are Larkin/Armstrong custom made and the active EQ is the excellent Aguilar OBP3. Great looks great sound.