Fiddleback sycamore ASAS Semi

Fiddleback Sycamore ASAS Semi.

I was lucky enough to find some Irish fiddleback sycamore boards in County Wicklow and have used this wood to make a number of instruments. This time it is an ASAS Semi which has carved top and back made from this wood and stained black to bring out the figuring. I also has a neck made from one piece of beautiful flamed maple. The bridge is the Floyd Rose FRX trem unit that can be fitted to archtop guitars. It works really well giving a whole new dimension to this type of instrument. Other than that it has my favourite combination of Seymour Dunacn humbuckeres - a JB at the bridge and a Jazz at the neck. Pickup selection is by a 5 way roraty switch that gives 5 different combinations of the 4 coils which gives a wide range of tones. Custom soundholes too!

I can't get the server to accept more pictrures in the usual fashion so I'll just add some here.