Beautiful heartwood walnut ASAS Semi

In 1983 a walnut tree was blown over by a storm and blocked the main Limerick to Dublin road. With a friend I hired a log truck and we went up and saved as much of the tree as was possible before the locals had taken it for firewood. When were able to count the rings it turned out that the tree was 179 years old. So now, 23 years later, I have used some of the best of the heartwood to build this rather beautiful ASAS Semi. The ASAS Semi is built with hand carved back and top in the same way as I hand carve the back and top of the ASAS and ASAST jazzers. For the Semi the back and top are connected with a minimal spine of cedar. This makes for a very lightweight and resonant body that has an acoustic sound of it's own and a very 'woody' tone when amplified.The neck, scratchplate, headstock and side woods are taken from the same tree. The binding is Irish lacewood which contrasts with the walnut and the unmarked fingerboard is ebony. Some of the detail can be seen in the pic below.

The pickups are my favourite Seymour Duncan combination of Jazz at the neck and JB at the bridge. Switching is by 5 way rotary elector that give 5 humbucking combinations of the 4 coils so a wide range of tones. Combine the classic bridge and tail from Schaller with the construction method and you have a guitar that can handle gigs from smoothest jazz through howling resonant feedback soaked blues to metal with everything else in between. It really is the one guitar for everything and coupled with beautiful and rare wood is one I would be happy to keep for myself.