Leonardo Parlour in Irish fiddleback sycamore.

Leonardo Parlour in Irish Fiddleback Sycamore.

Another Leonardo guitar made without tropical hardwoods. And this one is mainly Irish hardwoods which makes it even better. I'm lucky enough to have some superb boards of Irish fiddleback sycamore which is a rare and beautiful Irish hardwood. The back and sides of this Parlour are made from this as is the neck which also has some Irish walnut as laminations. Fingerboard is laburnham a very hard wood which will darken to a rich brown with exposure to light. More beautiful Irish walnut for the bridge, the rosette and the headstock veneer. Sound? It has the typical 'voice of an angel' that I expect from Parlour guitars and is louder and projects better than you would expect for the size. if you haven't tried a Parlour, you should!