Joe's ASAP with His Uncle's Rosewood.

Joe's ASAP with His Uncle's Rosewood

Thereis a really nice story going with this guitar. Actually all my guitars have a story as they are handmade to order but this story is special. A few years ago Joe's uncle who is a retired cabinet maker was in thw workshop and asked me to accept a gift of some walnut that had been in his workshop for year and, if I got it right, had belonged to his father before him. Whatever, it was beautiful - very rich in colour and in baulk form - a huge chunk and not in planks. I have a reputation for using non-tropical woods but I could not refuse this off and wondered what I would ver be able to use it for. Then Joe asked me to make him a guitar using his Uncle's wood and the problem was solved. This is Joe's ASAP. The baulk was not wide enough to make the back from two or even three pieces so it has a four puece back. Sides, fingerboard, headstock veneer, rosette and bridge all came from the same piece. The neck is a laminate of maple with, no surprise, rosewood stringers. Top is fine Canadian sitka spruce with Irish fiddleback sycamore bindings. It looks good enough to eat and sounds superb. And I was delighted to be able to use this old wood with out any qualms of conscience!