Fretless ASAPB 6 string

Fretless six string acoustic bass guitar. This 35" scale acoustic bass has another form of the RMC system built into the ebony bridge. The Thomastik Acousticore strings could have been made for the RMC saddles. The strings are nylon cored, bronze wound and therefore low tension - acoustically wonderful! Couple the quality of sound from the RMC with this and you have the fattest, roundest, most mouthwatering bass tone I have heard from an acoustic bass. Bass Heaven!

A few other details. The back and sides are quartersawn Irish walnut, the top creamy sitka with flamed maple bindings. The solid rosette of spalted beech looks good. An ebony fingerboard with maple fret markers is fitted to the neck which is a lamination of flamed maple, walnut and hard maple and there is carbon fibre inside. Body size is that of a Jumbo guitar. You need a large body to produce the low notes acoustically.