Brian's 5 String Piccolo Acoustic Bass

Brian's 5 String Piccolo Acoustic Bass.

Brian has some unusal requests for his 5 string acoustic bass guitar. A short scale (30"- 760mm), a medium sized body, the abilty to cope with varied and unusual tunings, a ramp to the soundhole and a scratch pad. So here it is. Body of sapele with fine spruce top, a bolt-on neck of laminated maple with carbon fibre reinforcement, a rosewood fingerboard and bridge and Irish fiddleback sycamore binding. Normally I would use a large Jumbo body for an acoustic bass guitar but this one is based on the ASAPJ style. I had to re-think the bracing to cope with the changes in tension that the variable tunings would give. And the bridge would have to have adjustment for height and intonation on each string. Inside the body there is a K&K Trinity pickup system under the bridgeplate to pick up the sound of the strings and a K&K microphone to pick up the percussive sounds that are part of Brian's playing technique. The ramp is made from the same piece of spruce as the top and the scratchpad is made from pitch pine where the softer wood has bee removed leaving the hard grain prominent. Acoustically the bass is loud and balanced at the tuning I used to set it up (F#, B, E, A and D where the D is the same as the D string on a guitar). The signals from the K&K pickup and mic are taken via a stereo cable to a K&K mini mixer where the two channels can be adjusted to suit. It all works really well. I love getting unusual orders and seeing them come to life.