ASAPB5 inTwo Tone Walnut

ASAPB5 Acoustic Bass Guitar in two tone Irish walnut.

Trees grow from the outside, under the bark. The growing layer is called the sapwood and the internal layer is the heartwood. The inner layer of the sapwood eventually dies and becomes heartwood. Generally it is the heartwood that is used for guitar making but sometimes, when the sapwood and heartwood are contrasting colours, you can use both. And here is a 5 string acoustic bass guitar made from Irish walnut sapwood (cream or gold depending on the way the light hits it) and heartwood which is walnut coloured! The contrast between the two is very attractive I think. The neck is a 5 piece laminate of hard maple and walnut, contains a two way acting trussrod under the Indian rosewood fingerboard which has 20 bass style frets. The headstock veneer is also sapwood and heartwood with Schaller tuners. The top is creamy sitka spruce with a solid Irish cherry rosette that matches the binding. The bridge is Irish walnut with individual Irish walnut saddles that are adjustable for string height and intonation. Each saddle contains an RMC piezo pickup and these are connected to an RMC Hybrid Pro B that controls the output.

The deepest low B note has such a long wavelength that for true reproduction acoustically the body would need to be be larger than a typical double bass that would make it bit unwieldy around the neck at a gig! So there has to be a compromise. The body on my acoustic basses are usually full jumbo and a bit deeper. This enables the EAD and G strings to perform perfectly acoustically but the low B is not the same quality. As an acoustic bass guitar is usually plugged in this is not a problem as the pickup doesn’t care how big the body is and just works off the frequency so the full range of sound is available. And what a sound. The RMC system is ideally matched with the Thomastik Acousticore strings so you get a fully rounded, woody acoustic sound with excellent attack and decay characteristics. It is surprisingly versatile and very responsive to playing style. So it has the looks and it has the sounds.