Trimming the back
This plane belonged to my grandfather. It’s my favourite hand tool.
12 string Lug
Classic sunburst
Celtic inlays
A lot of abalone pieces!
9 string bass
Custom Order
Carving the volute.
The volute adds strength at a weak point.
Archtop jazzer
Beautiful shapes.
Through neck
Irish fiddleback sycamore
Acoustic back
Beautiful Irish walnut.
Archtop semi acoustic
Irish walnut
Solid rosette
Lizard time
Painting by Syra


Up to now I have made more than 700 instruments by hand. Here you can find a selection of them, some old, some more recent.


New T-shirts available. You’ll have to click on the pic to find out more!



A closer, more detailed look at a particular instrument. With instruments that are hand made to order there are many possibilities for customising.


Here are pictures of some of my customers with their instruments. If you are the owner of a Chris Larkin you could be included too.


My designs are original, practical and, I think, beautiful. My instruments are individual for individuals.

I work alone hand building a variety of instruments beside the beach on the beautiful west coast of Ireland. I am in my third decade of guitar making and it is still the best job in the world. And, so far, I get paid to do it. Nothing could be better!


My favourite material! I have a great selection of top quality woods in  stock for making guitars. I have pieces that I like so much that I don't want to use them! I prefer to use Irish woods whenever possible. Click on the picture to read more.